Following the successful Kentriki and Nea Odos installations in Greece, the Qtolls back office suite is now live at the Ionian motorway (Ionia Odos).

“Ionia Odos”, a modern motorway with a total length of 196 km from Antirio to Ioanina (Egnatia Odos I/C), now operates with the first greek, integrated toll fair collection platform.

The Qtolls suite, among others includes the following components & functionalities:

  • Online back office customer service platform
  • Managing Accounts – Transponders
  • Transponders Interoperability across the ‘Nea’, ‘Kentriki’ and ‘Ionia Odos’
  • Invoicing
  • Multiple channel Charges & Payment Consolidation
  • Plate Number Recognition
  • Interconnection with customer service sites &
  • Full range of reports and statistic data of traffic and revenue

About Qtolls

Qtolls, a QUALCO brand, is an integrated solution providing all the main back office features for toll fare collection and toll management activities. Its components offer a wide variety of services maximizing business capabilities whilst minimizing operation and deployment costs

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