This year’s Business IT Excellence Awards (BITE), an institution run by the E-Commerce and Entrepreneurship Lab of The Athens University of Economics and Boussias Communications, saw Qualco walk away with two golden winners!

Qualco won the gold in both the Business Sector Specialized Applications category, and the Integrated Systems category.

The first of these two awards went to Qualco for the work presented for the Design, Development, Installation, Maintenance and Support of the “Kentriki Odos” (National Highway Tolls System) Back Office.
Qualco developed its own toll collections product for the TERNA Construction and Energy Group, the company behind the project.

The second gold BITE was awarded to Qualco for the IT Environment Integration that was undertaken after a proposal by Victus, a Mobile Network Sharing Company created by the joint venture of Vodafone Greece and Wind Hellas.

“We are very proud for the work we have done for both TERNA and VICTUS” commented Qualco’s CEO Orestis Tsakalotos. “Our gold awards represent a huge validation of our teams’ efforts to take on the challenge of creating added value for our clients within very complex environments.”