About Us Talent wins games, but teamwork wins championships.

The Team

ideaWe are a high performing , award-winning team of professionals with vision and planning skills. We listen, understand, evaluate, and address each client’s needs and demands. We’re a group of talented project managers, analysts, developers, and technology innovators.

We constantly challenge expectations to create technology and relationships that allow our clients to improve today’s strategy while looking ahead to what will work even better tomorrow.

We deliver tailored, transparent solutions that build patterns of the things that work for your business. Our solutions provide total clarity on your performance, more measurable results and the intelligence to optimise operations and achieve your goals.

The Company

qualco logoQualco is a global service provider with over 15 years of experience in covering all aspects of the credit and debt collections lifecycle using modern-driven, technology-enabled solutions.

Qualco covers decision-making, analytical and operational needs of clients with receivable assets using a full spectrum of offerings, from technology provision and analytics services to portfolio management consulting and end-to-end credit/debt servicing.

With production headquarters in Greece, a strong business development and operations centre in the United Kingdom and offices in France, Cyprus and Brazil actively supporting client portfolio operations, Qualco has a solid geographical base to address client needs across markets and business areas.