Qtolls Product Sheet Back Office Module & Suite Components


Qtolls’ backbone is a modern, web hosted back office system (BOS) based on flexible technology that cooperates with any front-lane barrier system. Its components offer a wide variety of services maximising business capabilities whilst minimising operation and deployment costs.

The design is based on a 3-tier web application framework which provides high scalability, robustness and redundancy without requiring expensive hardware support at client premises, running only with a simple web browser.

Its server-side logic promises high scale transaction process rate, fast interoperability, flexible and precise reporting and accurate auditing.

When it comes to usability Qtolls provides the end users a friendly working environment with strong multilingual features.

Qtolls is currently servicing more than 610 km of roads including more than 170 lanes (ETC, ACM & Manual) in 28 toll plazas.

The family of Qtolls suite products can be deployed as an integrated solution or as standalone modules that are compatible with existing systems. Compatible with Windows®, Linux®, Unix® and AIX® Operating Systems, and industry standard databases: IBM® DB2 ®, Microsoft® SQL Server, Oracle® Database.


Modular Architecture

Back Office System

The heart of the Qtolls suite is the Back Office System (BOS) and the functionality it provides.

The BOS incorporates all the key modules for customer and account creation and maintenance as well as accounting and billing procedures. It supports payment and revenue reconciliation features, customer invoicing, call center, in-person kiosk servicing and revenue reconciliation reporting. In addition it supports tag management and issuing through device interfaces. The BOS aggregates Plaza transactional data and provides Toll Collection System (TCS) cooperation for fare and On Board Unit (OBU) list distribution.

Back Office Modules

  • Customer personal info
  • Multiple accounts for one customer
  • Multiple addresses, tag delivery – invoice delivery- marketing address
  • Customer segmentation through profession
  • Customer – product segmentation
  • Subscription contract printing
  • Simple 4-step Open Account Flow
  • Multiple tags and vehicle association
  • Billing processing
  • Invoice and statement production
  • Standing order setup
  • Switch between products
  • Mass account opening procedure
  • Loyalty & bonus support
  • Parametric balance threshold for obu list categorization
  • Multiple top-up options including cash, credit card and bank check
  • Cash refund
  • Historical transaction facility
  • Association/disassociation with tags and vehicles
  • New tag programming
  • Tag inventory
  • Tag loss support
  • Tag – Vehicle association
  • Tag return by customer
  • BOS user and profile administration
  • General parameter management
  • Site & plaza info management
  • Fare table setup and plaza distribution
  • VAT management
  • BOS user action auditing
  • Product setup with future activation option
  • Dynamic parameter management, setting vehicle categories, payment methods, account balance thresholds, etc.
  • Post-paid / pre-paid option
  • Discount Policy setup with flat, frequent, volume and time option, applied universally or to plaza groups with a percentage or a fixed amount set
  • Easy-to-access policy with dynamic distribution
  • Expense & charge setup with customer segmentation capabilities
  • Rating setup / per plaza
  • Staff & fare table list distribution
  • OBU list distribution
  • Transaction consolidation
  • ACM transaction process
  • Plaza and lane data monitoring
  • Multilingual support
  • IOU transaction payment
  • Secure cash management process – integration with security companies for money transfer
  • Customer website service integration
  • Alerting mechanism (sms/email)
  • Thermal printing services


Vehicle Plate Number Recognition

An integrated engine for vehicle plate recognition that offers up to 98% reliability in minimum processing times.

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Reporting & Business Intelligence

We offer a tailored reporting facility which provides intelligence and allows our customers to make precise estimations to underpin business decisions.

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The component allows interconnection between different business areas such as car parking, ferries or malls providing you with cross-selling capabilities and multi-product business expansion.

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Store & Forward

Satellite mode for store & forward functioning in case of connection loss specially designed for isolated Plazas with limited access to fiber optics.

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Marketing & Loyalty

Marketing and communication services with client segmentation capabilities.

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