Why Qtolls Legacy systems work. But at what cost?

Dynamic Toll Pricing

Qtolls’ extensive setup features for multiple products, fares, discount policies and charges give you a complete control over fee collection process.

Other than supporting all common payment methods like cash, credit card or direct debit, it also gives you an opportunity to drive new revenue by changing the pricing in one or a group of plazas, offering discounts according to customer segmentation or even setting up a different rate for every payment method.

All this can be done in just a few clicks.

Built On Robust Technology

Stereotypes that all the back office systems in the tolling industry are expensive, complicated, hard to use and even harder to maintain do not apply to Qtolls.

Our highly customizable and configurable system can be deployed as a standalone solution or in combination with existing systems.

Qtolls is an ‘Open system’ because of its ability to integrate with other systems and its rapid development capabilities.

Cost Effectiveness

Yes, you are only paying for Qtolls, but no, that is not the only thing you will get. Purchase our main service and have our team of professionals support you every step of the way.

We provide an end-to-end service during the life-cycle of the project from the design phase and requirements analysis to deployment and 24/7 support.

In other words, as long as you use Qtolls, you can count on us to take care of wide range of your business needs such as reporting, mobile app development, e-invoicing, tag programming, alerting utilities or even everyday routine processes.

We will be doing all the necessary customization without the high cost of extra coding so every adjustment, redesign or change you will ever face will be effortlessly completed.

Modernization Ready

The toll industry has undergone significant changes over recent decades. Now it becomes obvious that soon it will be impossible to service roads and toll plazas using back office systems that lack time to market speed and digitalisation capabilities.

That is what inspired us to create a smooth migration service from your outdated BOS without risks and downtimes. The solution we came up with brings great results, and that makes us confident to introduce it to the world. In addition, we provide infrastructure and licensing downsizing based on our flexible and open architecture which is designed to cooperate with all the modern database and application frameworks.

Day by day Qtolls is becoming one of the go-to systems when it comes to business retransformation.

Facilitate Interoperability

Qtolls rapidly adapts to relevant EU Directives or any local legislation and creates a connection between different toll operators.

Also, in order to improve customer engagement, Qtolls suite facilitates loyalty programs by fully supporting the integration with third-party industries such as parking, ferries, gas stations and malls.

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